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Reason #46: Dual Degree Program Social Work

Dual Degree Program Social Work

Many students say their desire to attend law school began with a passion to help others and promote social justice. If you count yourself among them, consider enrolling in the Law and Social Work dual degree program, designed for those who want to take their commitment to serving the community to the next level. The program reflects the combined missions of the College of Social Work and the School of Law to contribute to the common good and promote social well-being and social justice for vulnerable populations. As an attorney with clinical social work skills, you will be better prepared to discover and understand the special needs of people who are disadvantaged. As a social worker with legal skills, you will be able to advocate more effectively for clients within the legal system. Either way, you will earn both a law degree and a masters of social work in just four years, and be well-positioned to fight oppression and discrimination, and protect and promote the development of all people. 


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