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Everyday Evidence is Going Nationwide

I'm excited to announce that I am partnering with Lawyers & Judges Publishing to begin publishing evidence books from states across the country. The majority of states have rules of evidence that are very similar and parallel to the Federal Rules of Evidence, which includes South Carolina. These evidence books will provide readers with both their state evidence rules as well as the Federal Rules of Evidence in one book. Each book is annotated based on the local rules, as well as case law from that state's highest court plus the federal circuit which it resides.


All author royalties from these books will go to the Tuscon Community Food Bank. This food bank distributes fresh produce and non-perishable food to a vast network of community partners throughout Arizona and across the country. They collaborate with local agencies, health institutions and government to revitalize neighborhoods and build a stronger food economy.


Our first book is the Florida Rules of Evidence. This book consists of the Florida Rules of Evidence and the Federal Rules of Evidence. The most commonly used rules contain explanations and case law. The majority of the case law for state court is from the Florida Supreme Court and the Florida District Courts of Appeal. The majority of the case law for federal court is from the U.S. Supreme Court, the Eleventh Circuit, the Fifth Circuit, or district courts within the Eleventh Circuit.

Currently only the eBook is available, but the hard copy will be out soon.


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