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Midlands Mediation Center, Guest Speaker: MMC Winter Training

Ever Evolving Evidence:  On-Demand CLE – S.C. Bar (August 2020)

No-Knock Search Warrants:  On-Demand CLE – S.C. Bar (June 2020)

2020 SCSCJA Staff Seminar: Evidence (Postponed due to COVID-19)

2020 It’s All a Game: Top Trial Lawyers Tackle Evidence: Evidence in Magistrates Court (February 2020)

South Carolina Impaired Driving Assessment: Adjudication of DUI Cases (October 2019)

Leadership Columbia: South Carolina Judicial Systems (October 2019)

Midlands Tech, Guest Speaker: Judicial Systems CRJ 220 (September 2019)

A Guide to Prelims On-Demand CLE – S.C. Bar (Fall 2019)

S.C. Victims’ Rights Week:  The Bond Hearing Process – A Creative Approach (April 2019)

South Carolina Bar Leadership Academy: Attorneys in Public Service (Running for Office) (March 2019)

Orientation School for Magistrates and Municipal Judges: Landlord/Tenant (March 2019)

Direct Examination Podcast:  Episode 3: Judge Daniel Coble (March 2019)

Midlands Tech, Guest Speaker: Judicial Systems CRJ 220 (October 2018)

2018 SCSCJA Judge’s Seminar: Discovery (Brady/Rule 5) (September 8, 2018)

S.C. Victims’ Rights Week:  A Walk Through the Criminal Justice System (April 2018)

2018 SCSCJA Staff Seminar: Criminal/Civil Trial Objections (March 2018)

Columbia Homeless Court Training, Panelist (December 2014)

Columbia Rotary Club, Guest Speaker: Columbia Homeless Court (June 2014)


Published Books

Pocket Prelims: A guide book to preliminary hearings in South Carolina (S.C. Bar Publications, 2019) [www]

Florida Rules of Evidence: Annotated for State and Federal Court (Lawyers & Judges Publishing, 2020) [www] (Forthcoming: South Carolina Rules of Evidence and Texas Rules of Evidence)

Precedents: Annotated and Abridged Cases from the Supreme Court 1793-2019 (Submitted for publication)

Self-Published Books

Federal Rules of Evidence: An Introduction to Trial Evidence (Harvard Law School’s Library Innovation Lab H2O, 2020) [www]

Federal Rules of Evidence: Annotated for the Fourth Circuit (Independently published 2018) [www]

South Carolina Rules of Evidence: Annotated (Independently published 2019) [www]

The 4th: Fourth Amendment Law in South Carolina (Independently published 2018)

Everyday Evidence: State Court (Independently published 2018) [www]

Everyday Evidence: Federal Court (Independently published 2018) [www]

Deconstructing the DUI:  A guide book to DUI law in South Carolina (Independently published 2018) [www]

Traffic Court in South Carolina: Offenses and Definitions (Independently published 2018) [www]

Court Rules of South Carolina: A Compilation of Legal Rules 2020 (Independently published 2020) [www]

Published Articles, Essays, and Book Reviews

Ever Evolving Evidence S.C. Lawyer (September 2020)

@Posner_Thoughts - The Verified Account: A Review of Judge Posner’s The Federal Judiciary: Strengths and Weaknesses 41 La Verne L. Rev. 2 (2020)

Not Your Scalia’s Textualism JOTWELL (July 9, 2019) (reviewing Jeffrey Bellin, Fourth Amendment Textualism, Mich. L. Rev. (2019), available at SSRN) [www]

A Prosecutor’s Credo, Robed Oracles, and Gideon’s Angels: A Review of Doing Justice Harv. L. & Pol'y Rev. Notice and Comment Blog (May 28, 2019) [www]

Discretionary Life Sentences for Juveniles: Resolving the Split Between the Virginia Supreme Court and the Fourth Circuit 75 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. Online 101 (2019) [www]

The Time in Between: A Response to A Theory of Civil Problem-Solving Courts 67 Buff. L. Rev. D1 (2019) [www]

Severing the Severability Doctrine: Why It’s Time the Supreme Court Finally Acknowledges, Clarifies, and Severs this Doctrine 88 UMKC L. Rev. (2020)

Permissible Inference or Impermissible Burden Shift: How the Supreme Court Could Decide State v. Glover Washburn L.J. Blog (Mar. 18, 2019) [www]

Following Friendly or Running to Rehnquist? A Review of Joan Biskupic’s “The Chief” 52 Ind. L. Rev. Blog (April 19, 2019) [www]

Heart-Wrenching, Yet Hopeful: A Review of Judge William Alsup’s ‘Won Over’  The Recorder on (April 5, 2019) [www]

I Recommend: Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense Judicature Bolch Judicial Institute, Duke Law School (May,2020) [www]

Chasing the Chiefs: A Review of "The Chief Justices" by Daniel A. Cotter Everyday Evidence Legal Blog (May 13, 2019) [www]

A Letter from the Editor: When Can a Judge Write? 1 Cts. & Just. L.J. 9 (2019) [www]

Homeless Court In the News

Woman to become first participant in South Carolina’s first Homeless Court, a new front on aiding those chronically without homes

...Daniel Coble is an assistant 5th Circuit solicitor assigned to the program. “We’ll be striving to make this court reach out to the chronic homeless,” he said. “I think this court is so important because we’re not prosecuting people for being homeless, but linking them with service providers.”...

Program targets hard-core homeless in Columbia

...“With the chronic homeless, I’ve learned, a lot of them just fall through the cracks and never get out,” Coble said. “What we’re doing is taking notice of these people, and if we can help them, that’s what we’re going to do. It’s not going to work for everyone, but we want to start somewhere.”...

Columbia set to open S.C.’s first Homeless Court

...Assistant solicitor Daniel Coble will be assigned to Homeless Court, along with Coble’s other duties, Johnson said...

Stepping out of the shadow

...For two years Coble helped the homeless court make an impact in Columbia. In July 2017, Columbia City Council honored Coble for his work with the homeless court by naming July 18, 2017 Daniel Coble Day. It was not an honor Coble kept for himself...

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