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Forthcoming 2019: The Admissibility of Forensic Reports in the Post–Justice Scalia Supreme Court


Forthcoming 2019

Forthcoming 2019 is a section from the Everyday Evidence Legal Blog that highlights recent papers from attorneys and professors from across the legal spectrum. These recent and soon-to-be publications offer readers a chance to see a wide range of issues from different legal fields.


Today’s Forthcoming 2019 features:

Chicago Law Review

Laird Kirkpatrick


Forensic reports linking a defendant to a crime—such as drug tests, blood analysis, DNA profiles, and much more—often constitute the most powerful and persuasive evidence that can be offered at a criminal trial. Yet the Supreme Court is sharply divided about the constitutionally required foundation for the admission of such reports. Its opinions on the issue “have sown confusion in courts across the country,” as recently noted by Justice Gorsuch in a dissent to a denial of certiorari in Stuart v Alabama



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