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Reason #49: Capstone Course: Small Business Organization

Capstone Course: Small Business Organization

This course will provide students with practical and substantive knowledge and experience in transactional law using a small business nonprofit or small business for-profit organization model. It will be multidisciplinary and provide students a broad theoretical and practical experience with measurable outcomes and skills, including problem solving, project management, leadership, and teamwork. Students will act as counsel for a group interested in forming either a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization or a for-profit entity that will own and operate a business. As counsel for the organization, students’ responsibilities will include interviewing a client; reviewing a Retainer Agreement; preparing Articles of Incorporation; preparing Bylaws; preparing IRC Form 1023 (Application for Exemption) or LLC or other business documents; providing Board of Director education and advice at simulated board meetings; and preparing Contracts, Lease Agreements, and/or Sponsorship Agreements. Students may also advise the client and draft documents related to copyright issues, potential mergers, and partnership agreements.


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