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Reason #1: State of the art building

While this isn't the top reason that UofSC is a Top 20 law school, it is definitely a looming factor. When I was in law school, we were located on Greene Street in the same building that had been around for decades. It was old and falling apart. Don't get me wrong, I had no problem with it, but it was extremely outdated and in need of repair.

In 2011, UofSC finally built a brand new, state of the art building. It is a magnificent piece of architecture. The building has an auditorium room that doubles as a courtroom. It works great for large audiences as well as an actual appellate court. The classrooms have the latest technology and allow for professors and students to interact with one another without worrying about computer crashes, old projectors, or uncomfortable seating. When new students arrive to the law school for the first time, they see exactly what their tuition is going to, and it is well worth it.

The law school also provides a perfect place to study and lounge. The courtyard is perfectly set up to relax and enjoy the day in between classes. The library provides plenty of space and rooms to study in a quiet area and avoid any disruptions.

Why does having a nice building matter? Well besides the point I already mentioned about getting your tuition's worth, it connects not only students with professors, but it also connects alumni back to the school. The school hosts multiple events at the building and it is professionally done and accommodated. The law school has always been part of Columbia, but now it brings about an even more connected and lasting relationship between students, alumni, and faculty.

I could go on and on about the building and why it is probably one of the best, if not the best, law school buildings in the nation, but you need to see it yourself. Or at the very least, check it out on twitter. Here are some pictures in the meantime:


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