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Pocket Prelims: Available now by the SC Bar

Whether you are a seasoned public defender, or a new prosecutor, Pocket Prelims is an essential guidebook for your next preliminary hearing. Based on years of first-hand experience, this book provides readers with practical advice and information on a wide range of legal issues that can arise in a preliminary hearing.  It is a quick reference guide for all of those issues you know you know, but you can't remember at the moment. Each chapter contains either statutes, case law, definitions or a combination of all three, for the criminal law area being addressed. In many chapters of the book, Judge Coble included “Factors to Consider” when dealing with a particular case.

Preliminary hearings move quickly and can cover nearly all crimes.  Because of the fast-paced nature of preliminary hearings, this book was designed to be as user-friendly as possible. The book is spiral bound allowing it to lay flat and has been tabbed at each chapter. This will allow the reader to quickly find the legal issue and present a coherent argument to the court.  Be prepared and confident at your next preliminary hearing with Pocket Prelims.  Summary of Contents: Chapter 1: The Law on Preliminary Hearing Chapter 2: The Fourth Amendment Chapter 3: Guns Chapter 4: Drugs Chapter 5: Property Crimes Chapter 6: Assault Chapter 7: Domestic Violence Chapter 8: Robbery Chapter 9: Murder/Manslaughter Chapter 10: Miscellaneous Issues Chapter 11: Practice Tips Chapter 12: SC Magistrate Courts Contact Information Chapter 13: SC Criminal Rules of Procedure Chapter 14: SC Rules of Evidence

Thank you

Thank you to the editorial board: Elizabeth Major and Nicholas McCarley for all of the edits and reviews. Also, thank you to Wilder Harte, Alicia Hutto, Joanne Kelley and many others from the S.C. Bar Publications Committee for making this happen.

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