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Forthcoming 2019: Reviews of Justice Gorsuch's "A Republic, If You Can Keep It"


Forthcoming 2019

Forthcoming 2019 is a section from the Everyday Evidence Legal Blog that highlights recent papers from attorneys and professors from across the legal spectrum. These recent and soon-to-be publications offer readers a chance to see a wide range of issues from different legal fields.


Today’s Forthcoming 2019 features two book reviews:

Reviewing Justice Gorsuch's New Book: An Originalist Fantasy out of the Old West

(Dorf on Law)

"Justice Neil Gorush's new book "A Republic If You Can Keep It," isn't completely awful. Made up mostly of old speeches and essays, portions of his judicial opinions, and some new content, he provides a portrait of himself as that fishin'-lovin', down home, Western cowboy who just happened to graduate from an elite prep school in Bethesda, Maryland, and then Columbia, Harvard, and Oxford. But there are photos in the book of him fishing (with Scalia even), and he talks about how he and his wife raised two daughters "along with chickens, a goat, horses, a rabbit, dogs, cats, mice, and more in our home on the prairie." He "loves the West," but if you want to know much more about his personal life than that, well you will be disappointed. In this book, he has much bigger fish to fry, or cattle to lasso, or, well you get the idea..."

Read full review here.


Book Review: ‘A Republic, If You Can Keep It,’ by Justice Neil Gorsuch

(Inside Sources)

“A Republic, If You Can Keep It” is a compelling and important book. Written in Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch’s engaging and lucid style, it provides a comprehensive and accessible insight into Gorsuch as a judge, as a lawyer, and as a citizen. It illustrates Gorsuch’s scholarly depth, forcefully arguing for a version of originalism and textualism that distinguishes him from his predecessors and shows the independence of his thinking...

Read full review here.




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