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Every SC Case on Evidence from 2020

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Hopefully I didn’t miss any this year, but here is a list of every case from the South Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals dealing with the rules of evidence from 2020. Each case also has a brief blog post describing the evidentiary issue.

S.C. Supreme Court

State v. Reyes

State v. Prather

State v. Simmons

State v. Durant

State v. Perry

State v. Cotton

State v. Williams

Ethier v. Fairfield

State v. Phillips

SC Human Affairs Commission v. Yang

Builders Mutual Insurance Company

State v. Washington

Sanders v. SCDMV

S.C. Court of Appeals

State v. Heyward

State v. Washington

Whitesell v. Whitesell

State v. Hopkins

State v. Gibbs

Turner v. Thomas

State v. Franks

State v. Bell

State v. Tallent

State v. Adams

State v. Walker

Turner v. Medical University of South Carolina

State v. Warner

Carter v. Bryant

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