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College Football: some bold predictions...

It's almost that time of the year: college football.

All three of Everyday Evidence's favorite teams have some positive things to look forward to this season.

Gamecocks: Jake Bentley, while he has his ups and downs, he is a senior and definitely has talent. If he can stay consistent (and play like he did against Clemson last year), then Carolina has a real shot of winning some games this year. That being said, their schedule is one of the toughest, if not the toughest, in the country. I'm also excited to see former Clemson running back, Tavien Feaster, with the Gamecocks now. A strong and fast back who has the potential to give Bentley much needed help in the backfield. Carolina's running game last year was never much of a threat, giving defenses more options to shut down the pass and play a one dimensional game. I am making a bold prediction for this season...8-4 (more on this later).

Clemson: There's not much more you can add to this Clemson team. Between the receivers, quarterback, running back, o-line, this offense is going to run up big numbers and make it look easy. Yes I know, easy schedule blah blah blah. But that leads to my next point/prediction (Yes another bold one). Clemson will not have an amazing season simply for making it to the playoffs again, but I predict they will have two Heisman contenders who make it to New York: Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne (I'm not biased here at all).

Nebraska: And finally, the good ole Cornhuskers. After a dismal season last year, Nebraska has no where to go but up. Hopefully their quarterback can lead them back to the glory days.


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