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52 Reasons UofSC School of Law is a Top 20 Public Law School

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Law school rankings are arbitrary and meaningless...until they aren't. I would like to say that I couldn't care less about where my law school is ranked and that the US News ranking is a silly thing to focus on, but I do care, because I know that USC (I like the new logo/name UofSC) is one of the best public law schools in the nation. And when I see that we went down 3 spots to 91, it makes me question the rankings system, because I know that we are one of the best.

How do I know this? Well that's going to take about a year to explain. See, I was reading a post about Pepperdine Law School and their dean. Pepperdine fell out of the rankings last year (misreporting glitch), but they rose over 20 spots since then and their dean believes part of that reason is his cheerleading and promotion through his blog (among other factors obviously):

Pepperdine law dean Paul Caron said he believes his widely read TaxProfBlog has helped spread the word about the law school and raise awareness of its strengths. That exposure, coupled with the stronger credentials and employment outcomes that the school has achieved due to smaller class sizes, has bolstered its ranking, he said.

Yes, his blog is extremely popular and has millions of views, and this blog has ... a few less. But I think it's time that UofSC School of Law got a little more respect and is finally recognized as a top public law school. So for the next year I will post once a week reasons why I know that we are a top public law school.


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