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1 Cts. & Just. L.J.

Vol. 1       Vol. 2


Madison v. Alabama: An Analysis and Future Considerations

by Kaleb Byars, University of Tennessee College of Law 2021

Editor-in-Chief, Tennessee Law Review 2020-2021

2 Cts. & Just. L.J. 154 (2020)

This article is forthcoming in the Tennessee Journal of Race, Gender, and Social Justice.  Thank you to RGSJ for allowing us to share this article.

Part I of this Article has introduced the facts of Madison v. Alabama and its central holding.  Next, Part II addresses other Supreme Court Jurisprudence on execution of mentally incompetent prisoners.  Part III further discusses the Court’s holding in Madison v. Alabama.  Part IV provides an analysis of the Court’s holding, specifically noting implications the Court failed to consider.  Further, Part IV discusses other issues related to executing mentally ill prisoners that may arise following Madison v. Alabama.  Part V briefly concludes.

/ Spring 2020 / C&JLJ                                                                            

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